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[jetty-users] Issues with Jetty 9.4 session IDs

Hello all,

I have an issue with session IDs generated by Jetty in my application that embeds Jetty 9.4.

Initially I had the problem that Jetty prepends a worker name into the session ID. Someone here suggested I override the session ID generation (which I already do in clustered mode). But setting the worker name to an empty string appeared to work fine so I went for that.

But: on subsequent sessions that are generated by requests that come from the server itself Jetty appends a single dot (.) to newly created session IDs. Many URL handling user code (which I have limited influence on) is not prepared for this so many user scripts no longer work.

I attempted to resolve this by overriding DefaultSessionIdManager#newSessionId after all and explicitly filtering out the dot. But to my surprise the session ID returned from there does not contain a dot. Instead it is appended at some later stage.

How can I get full control over session ID generation to get rid of any session id decoration?

Thanks in advance,



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