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Re: [jetty-users] Simple question about cookies

Thank you very much Travis,

I was expecting sometyhing like that, glad you told me or I would have spent even more time trying to figure this out.

I do have the information but hoped I could get rid of a cookie by just getting it from the request, setting its maxAge to 0 and then again adding it to the response. But only when the path and domain match will the cookie be replaced in the browser so I have to do exactly what you said: reset these attributes.



On 12/14/2016 12:49 PM, Travis Spencer wrote:
The domain and path are included in the HTTP Set-Cookie response header. They are not, however, sent back to the sever in the HTTP Cookie request header. There's no setting in Jetty to alter this behavior because it's how HTTP works and it's the browser that is on control of what is sent. (You'd have the same situation with any other web server.) If you must have this information back and what's available in the request isn't sufficient, you'll need to store it in the cookie value. 


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