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[jetty-users] Simple question about cookies

Hello all,

I am using Jetty 9.3 (embedded) and have very little experience with explicit cookie management. Now I am doing some basic testing and one thing strikes me as odd:

I use HttpServletResponse#addCookie to add a cookie. On that cookie I have set the following attributes:

When I check my browsers (Chromium and Firefox) they display the cookie with all the expected attributes. There is a dot-sign in front of the domain but for the rest all attributes seem to match.

On subsequent requests I use HttpServletRequest.getCookies to retrieve the cookie. There is a cookie with the expected name and value present but for some reason the domain and path attributes are missing.

Since both browsers behave exactly the same I think this is either expected behavior (be it not expected by me) or there is something wrong.

Are there any Jetty settings that might influence this behavior?

Thanks in advance.



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