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[jetty-users] Connection refused


I am using jetty9.3 latest version for my application. The servlet is not async.

It is a specific server being accessed by our own machines called pops(so, we can control the clients). The pops send two longer messages(record and load). Both messages are zipped. Record is sent every 30 secs and load is sent every 2 secs. We have atmost only one connection from either machine for this. But there are other requests to the server to fetch data either from the database or from calculation. But I get Connection Refused Exception after a very short time.

But in the end, there are atmost only 30 connections(from the output of netstat). When I meter each of my request processing time, it is less than 300 ms. So, I assume that it is the reading/writing time to/from sockets. The visual vm tool also shows that cpu spent on is 63% and cpu spent on BlockingQueue.poll() is around 30%. I have configured linux for high load. Have I missed configuring anything in jetty, that is causing this ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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