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[jetty-users] ThreadMonitor memory leak


We're seeing a slow memory leak on our Jetty 9.2.14 server, which
currently makes heavy use of the JDK's common ForkJoinPool. We've got
the default "monitor" module enabled, and a heap dump after a couple of
days shows that ThreadMonitor._monitorInfo is using 350 MB of heap, with
13230 entries, even though there's only 42 active threads.

Is what I'm looking at a bug? It seems like the ThreadMonitor should be
releasing its reference to old threads soon after they've stopped,
rather than keeping thousands of 32KB ForkJoinWorkerThread instances
alive forever. I guess it's more noticeable with ForkJoinWorkerThread,
since it extends the normal java.lang.Thread and makes it much larger.

  Carey Evans

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