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Re: [jetty-users] jsp-impl Apache vs. Glassfish - BIG memory difference

Maybe it is the just a misleading output of the RES Size? If not all you can do is attach a native profiler to the JVM process, maybe it resides in some kind of native code (dll/so)... this is not covered by NMT afaik.

Am 28.08.2015 13:32, schrieb Ciprian Hacman:
Hi Christoph,

I also enabled the detailed data, and the reports are very similar. As I said, this extra memory doesn't seem to be tracked by NMT. If you look at the summary, it says that it is only 1.1GB of committed memory, which mean the RES size should be below that, like when annotations are disabled.

Full GC doesn't help, again because this memory is off-heap.

The summaries from the previous emails were generated immediately after restarting the Jetty (waited for the server to accept requests). This is a production environment, so we restart Jetty only when deploying bug fixes.


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