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Re: [jetty-users] jsp-impl Apache vs. Glassfish - BIG memory difference

In general you should use a proper tool (Eclipse MAT or JProfiler for example) to investigate where how much memory is used.

Depending on your application, annotation parsing might involve a lot of (extra) class-loading and information caching... but this is just a wild guess!

Am 28.08.2015 10:03, schrieb Ciprian Hacman:

Just wanted to make things a little more clear.

We changed from Apache to Glassfish, but we disabled the "annotations" module to reduce the memory usage. We had to move to Glassfish because the Apache engine did not work without "annotations".

To make things easier to follow, here are some numbers for our webapp (numbers represent RES memory):
  1. apache + annotations - 2.5GB
  2. apache + annotations disabled - not working
  3. glassfish + annotations - 2.5GB
  4. glassfish + annotations disabled - 750MB

Not sure why annotations make this huge difference for us and how to debug further.
I see some other people bumped into similar issues (which gave us this idea):

If anyone has any idea here, we would be happy to give it a try.


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