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[jetty-users] Jetty 9.0.7.v20131107 not accepting any request

Hi Community,

We have recently upgraded our jetty to the version 9.0.7.v20131107 from jetty version 7.  Our product includes support for multiple platforms like Windows, Linux and Solaris. The upgrade went smooth and worked flawless on Windows and Linux machines. But Solaris started giving us problems after upgrading to the Jetty 9 version.  In our product we start multiple jetty server one from the product itself (in embedded mode) and one as an external server (staring manually through batch & script files). Both these servers starts successfully without any error on Solaris but invoking any request is issuing connection refused. We have checked through netstat that whether the jetty server acquired the ports given in their configuration. We can clearly see that both these servers acquired the respective ports. Also, when we looked at the connections they are hung in TIMED_WAITING mode and no response is coming from the request.

We have downloaded Specific version jetty source code and tried to debug the server. But strangely the eclipse (also netbeans IDE) not able to capture the debug. Then we have tried running plain vanila jetty server with no specific configuration & fired a request. Then we saw the same issue of connection hung and getting no response. Did jetty supports solaris operating system or any body have faced this issue.  We are skeptical about the Java version on which jetty is running & tried with both Java 7 & Java 8 still the issue is same. But the jetty 7 version is working flawless.

Is jetty 9 is supported on the solaris (SPARC) operating system and does any one come across such issue of not able to use jetty on Solaris Operating system. On other operating systems like windows, Ubuntu and Redhat fine but the choker is solaris.


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