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Re: [jetty-users] Preventing queuing of requests when all connections exhausted

On 1/31/15 9:38 AM, Simone Bordet wrote:
This would require a refactoring of the code to reject the offer() to
the queue in case you have all connections active.
Can you please file an issue about this ?
Will do.
If it is possible to generalize this feature also to a multiplexed
connection, I think it would be a boolean in HttpClient.
Otherwise you will have a method to override to return true/false
based on your conditions.

My idea for an interface would be to exempt unused/idle MaxConnectionsPerDestination from the MaxRequestsQueuedPerDestination limit. Then I could set MaxRequestsQueuedPerDestination to zero. I can't think of a use case that would require the current method of accounting.

I don't see how multiplexed connections affects it. Doesn't MaxConnectionsPerDestination apply to virtual connections?

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