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[jetty-users] dynamic reloading in dev environment


  I want to implement a "dynamic reloading of classes" for my micro-webframework, but I want to get out of class loaders (if possible).

 I will recommend users to install and use, which alredy does the hard part (class reloading at the JVM level) and avoid a custom class loader. 

 In my mind, all I have to do is listening for changes and restart the framework (when need it). Today,
I can't to do it because calling server.stop, exit the JVM (of course).

 I've been reviewing the deployment plugin from Jetty. But not sure if the deployment plugin required a custom classloader or not. Also, want this ONLY for development (not prod). That's why I think current deployment plugin is too much for my use case.

 You can see how I do build a my server here:

I will love to hear what do you think is possible or not, alternative solutions or any other comment.

Thanks in advance

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