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[jetty-users] IOS / Safari not accepting SSL Cert



I’m running Solr 4.8.1 on Jetty 8.1.10. I have SSL configured and it works fine on all browsers except for IOS/Safari (IOS/Chrome works fine). I’m using GoDaddy certs and had them verify the cert installation. GoDaddy is at a loss as to why the cert isn’t being accepted by IOS/Safari.  I would appreciate any suggestions on how to resolve this. Here’s the configuration from jetty.xml


  <Call name="addConnector">


        <New class="org.eclipse.jetty.server.ssl.SslSelectChannelConnector">


            <New class="org.eclipse.jetty.http.ssl.SslContextFactory">

              <Set name="keyStore"><SystemProperty name="jetty.home" default="."/>/etc/solr.keystore</Set>

              <Set name="keyStorePassword">not the real one</Set>

              <Set name="needClientAuth">false</Set>



          <Set name="port"><SystemProperty name="jetty.ssl.port" default="8984"/></Set>

          <Set name="maxIdleTime">30000</Set>





Thank you,

John Benes

Sr. Web Developer

Emerson Ecologics

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