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[jetty-users] i-jetty fails to download war file

I've installed i-jetty successfully on a Nexus5, and in a Nexus5 emulator.

I can download the sample hello.war and verify that the i-jetty installation is good.

I've followed through the docs to create a very simple downloadable webapp - quite literally right now just a variation on the "hello" app as proof of concept that the build system is correct.

I've got a war file that, when unzipped, appears to contain everything it needs (so it ought to be valid).

I can use my desktop browser to reach that .war file and download it, so the uri for the jetty instance hosting the download is valid.

...yet when I start up i-jetty and attempt to download the file, the download page just shows the "Loading" spinner indefinitely, either on a live phone or in the emulator.

I can back out of this using the back button on the device/emulator, but nothing is running in i-jetty (of course).

Haven't been able to find a lot of clues about this searching through the jetty-user archives or the rest of the web.  

Thoughts?  Further debugging actions?  Anyone run into this before?


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