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[jetty-users] Problem serving data with defaultservlet and filter


I'm new to Jetty server and therefore now having a problem serving data to webbrowsers in some systems. It occurs always on Windows 2003 server with chromebrowser on clientsite.

The problem is that not all data were sent to the client. In Wireshark you can see that only 32939 from 35466 bytes were transmitted.

In my configuration I use an embedded Jetty (version 9.2.3) with Buffersize and Timeout defaults. On a ServletContextHandler I added a filter (Apache Wicket) and a DefaultServlet for serving static data.

The problem occurs only while serving data from the DefaultServlet. All files greater then the default ouputbuffersize (32KB) are not sent completely. Data sent by the Wicketfilter, greater than the outputbuffersize are served correctly.

After some tests I found out that increasing the outputbuffersize greater than filesize solves the problem.

The problem actually is, I don't know how huge the filesizes will be when i'll be finished.

Did I make a configuration mistake or is it a bug?

Kind regards

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