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[jetty-users] Jetty @ JavaOne

Dear Jetty Users/Developers,

I'll be attending JavaOne Sept 29 to Oct 1 and will be presenting several talks on Jetty:

CON2236 Servlet Async IO looks at the servlet 3.1 asynchronous IO API and how to use it for scale and low latency.  Also covers a little bit about how we are using it with http2.  There is an introduction video but the talk will be a lot more detailed and hopefully interesting.

BOF2237 Jetty Features This will be a free form two way discussion about new features in jetty and it's future direction: http2, modules, admin consoles, dockers etc. are all good topics for discussion.

CON5100 Java in the Cloud: This is primarily a Google session, but I've been invited to present the work we have done improving the integration of Jetty into their cloud offerings.

I'll be in the Bay area from the 23rd and I'd be really pleased to meet up with Jetty users in the area before or during the conference for anything from an informal chat/drink/coffee up to the full sales pitch of Webtide services - or even both!)


Greg Wilkins <gregw@xxxxxxxxxxx> HTTP, SPDY, Websocket server and client that scales  advice and support for jetty and cometd.

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