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Re: [jetty-users] Support needed. Bug 357240 - Jetty's 100% cpu utilization (Oracle Enterprise Manager)

Hi Sriram,

To obtain a back ported fix to a specific release on an old branch is exactly the kind of thing that the Intalio|Webtide commercial support provides.   On an open source basis we definitely fix reported bugs in the current releases and potentially the last current branch, but we can't go back 3 major releases and 5 point releases on that major release.

To get commercial support, you can contact Jesse McConnell <jesse@xxxxxxxxxxx> and/or sales@xxxxxxxxxxx

I'm sure Jesse will be in touch soon, but I may as well take the opportunity you've given me to plug our commercial services on the list (we don't do that very much). 

The jetty project is supported entirely by such commercial support agreement.  We don't have a commercial pro version with extra features and we can only continue to do so if commercial users of Jetty pay for commercial support.

We believe we have a very good commercial offering as it gives your developers direct access to the core Jetty development team with rapid response on questions which can be developer advice or production issues.   We believe that the developer advice is a particularly good service as it allows commercial users to avoid putting problems into production and it is much more economical to ask our advice first rather than to need urgent production support.


Greg Wilkins <gregw@xxxxxxxxxxx> HTTP, SPDY, Websocket server and client that scales  advice and support for jetty and cometd.

On 29 July 2014 14:23, sriram manohar <srirammanohar@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi ,
This is Sriram , a developer from the Enterprise Manager team of Oracle. The Oracle Enterprise Manager Agent (12c) uses Jetty Jetty 7.0.1 V2. Multiple  customers on Windows  are hitting this Jetty bug (Bug 357240 - Jetty's 100% cpu utilization (due to NIO select? ) which seems to be fixed in Jetty 7.6.0 RC2.  The problem with a Jetty upgrade is that the 12c agent had to use some internal interfaces in Jetty that we know they changed between the 7.0.1 line and the 7.6 one and the upgrade has multiple complications and almost a rewrite of the entire Agent code.
We are however planning an upgrade to version 8.1.4 in our next Release (Oracle Enterprise Manager  13c) and this has been problematic because Jetty seems to be loosing certain HTTP requests when a flood of requests is sent to the Oracle Enterprise Manager Agent. Given this we cannot uptake until this bug is fixed as it will regress the current functionality of the Enterprise MAnager Agent . (
Considering this, Is it possible for us to get a patch of this fix /commit (Bug 357240 )on top of Jetty 7.0.1v2?
It would be very much appreciated as many customers are having problems wrt 100% CPU on windows because of this bug.  I understand that this request is unusual and may not be considered in the normal course.  However,in view of the real issues and challenges faced in addressing the clients concerns it is requested that our analysis of the problems faced be suitably addressed for which we shall  be really thankful.

If this is not the correct email id, can you please forward this/help me reach the right person?

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Greg Wilkins <gregw@xxxxxxxxxxx> HTTP, SPDY, Websocket server and client that scales  advice and support for jetty and cometd.

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