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[jetty-users] Monitoring Distributed Apps and Jetty Servers with Jamon

About a week ago I mentioned that JAMon 2.77 can now monitor jetty 8&9.  

JAMon 2.78 was just released.  It should be useful to Jetty users.   It allows you to view all JAMon statistics from all of the JVMs that you manage from the JAMon web app.  These JVMs could be separate applications, jetty servers, or distributed applications. 

This capability is accomplished with HazelCasts distributed HashMap, however other cluster-aware implementations would be easy to do (Cassandra, Hadoop, Reddis, ...). 

More info on the new distributed capabilities:


If you are interested in monitoring your jetty server, jamon 2.77 was just
released.  In a couple minutes you can track and display jetty stats for
anything in the Request or Response.  Examples are:

   - Page execution time (max/average/hits...)
   - Exceptions - Counts per exception type as well as viewing the full
   - Http Status code counts
   - ...

*Monitoring Jetty 8/9 with JAMon*

   - Put jamon-2.77.jar (or higher) in the jetty 'lib/etc' directory.
   - Put jamon.war in the jetty 'webapps' directory.
   - Add the following Handler line to Jetty's jetty.xml file (i.e.
   etc/jetty.xml). The 'Engine' line is used to show context.

<Set name="handler">



<New id="JAMonHandler" class="com.jamonapi.http.JAMonJettyHandlerNew"/>



fyi Greg W said this would be a good list to notify about the release..


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