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[jetty-users] Integrating ActiveMQ with Jetty 9.1 for websocket support


I am exploring various technologies in order to build a real-time web application.  My current thinking is to use Jetty 9.1 as the app server and embedded ActiveMQ as the messaging broker.  I want to take advantage of the JSR-356 websocket support in Jetty 9 with STOMP as the sub-protocol.  But I've also noticed that ActiveMQ supports websocket + STOMP as a transport.  I'm wondering how these two work together.  I've heard that ActiveMQ's own websocket is based on Jetty Continuation but does it work with Jetty 9.1?  How do I embed ActiveMQ in Jetty 9.1 with websocket support?

One approach is to forget about ActiveMQ's own websocket transport support and just write websocket handler within Jetty. Essentially I use Jetty to handle all the transport related work.  I then write glue code to relay the message to ActiveMQ destinations.  Vice Versa.  See this nice example:

But then I have to mess around with STOMP messages and doing a lot of glue coding.  If I can use ActiveMQ's websocket support directly without doing all these, it will save me a lot of trouble.

How about Tomcat 8, which also has JSR-356 websocket support?   can I embed ActiveMQ within Tomcat 8 and expect to get websocket transport support?

I will greatly appreciate any insight into this.  Thanks!

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