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Re: [jetty-users] Why are Loggers static members in classes

Am 26.11.2013 20:41, schrieb Joakim Erdfelt:
> Why are you relying on the StdErrLog fallback logging?

It helped solving my specific need at that time (half a decade ago).

[a lot of examples]

These examples are cool, thank you for these. I think, the Jetty-project
benefits from that (so this discussion has at least a positive effect ;-)

But your examples all work by setting the Logger using the resource-
file and not programmatically which is my point: This is no longer
possible with the way the logger is "now" (since 7.6) retrieved
from the Log-class.

I try to find some time to show this with examples how classes that
are semantically equal behave differently in dependence of the syntax
of the source.

There are reasons why I do it programmatically and not with the
resource-file. Changing that would bring up even more TODOs than
the ones I already have with the migration from 7.0 to 9.x

But my primary question (still in the subject) still stands: Why
the change to a static member (which it wasn't in 7.0)? The only
reason I heard so far is: It's a pattern we read in a book. ;-)

Regards, Lothar

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