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[jetty-users] Why are Loggers static members in classes


is there a very good reason, why Jetty-classes are setting a
private final static member for the logger being used for
logging? At the moment I have failing testcases and non-deter-
ministic behavior because I'm practically unable to set my own
Logger in 100% percent of all cases.

The ability to do so requires me to set the Logger before any
classloading of jetty-classes have taken place which is practically
impossible e.g. in a Junit-testcase and quite a hassle when
embedding Jetty in your own application.

I got it embedded but now it seems that I have to change all my
tests that check the logs in addition to the functionality (I do
additional logs to the ones being done by Jetty standard-classes)
which means in essence that I lose test-coverage.

Regards, Lothar

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