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[jetty-users] Jetty 9.0.6.v20130930 Released!

We are pleased to announce the availability of the new Jetty 9.0.6 release.  The issues resolved are listed below.

Distribution Downloads:

The artifacts are also available in Maven Central.  P2 repositories are not yet available as our previous method of generating them has been deprecated and we have yet to transition that portion of the release.

Living Documentation is always availabl, however much of it is being updated for Jetty 9.1 so referencing the 9.0.5 documentation is an option for startup related questions:

Finally, if you find an issue with this release you can open a bug through the guided bugzilla page located here:


jetty-9.0.6.v20130930 - 30 September 2013
 + 411069 better set compiler defaults to 1.7, including webdefault.xml for jsp
 + 411934 War overlay configuration assumes src/main/webapp exists
 + 413484 setAttribute in nosql session management better handles _dirty status
 + 413684 deprecated unsafe alias checkers
 + 413737 hide stacktrace in ReferrerPushStrategyTest
 + 414431 Avoid debug NPE race
 + 414898 Only upgrade v0 to v1 cookies on dquote , ; backslash space and tab
   in the value
 + 415192 <jsp-file> maps to JspPropertyGroupServlet instead of JspServlet
 + 415194 Deployer gives management of context to context collection
 + 415302 
 + 415330 Avoid multiple callbacks at EOF
 + 415401 Add initalizeDefaults call to SpringConfigurationProcessor
 + 415548 migrate ProxyHTTPToSPDYTest to use HttpClient to avoid intermittent
   NPE part 2
 + 415605 fix status code logging for async requests
 + 415999 Fix some of FindBugs warnings
 + 416015 Handle null Accept-Language and other headers
 + 416096 DefaultServlet leaves open file descriptors with file sizes greater
   than response buffer
 + 416102 Clean up of async sendContent process
 + 416103 Added
 + 416251 ProxyHTTPToSPDYConnection now sends a 502 to the client if it
   receives a rst frame from the upstream spdy server
 + 416266 HttpServletResponse.encodeURL() encodes on first request when only
   SessionTrackingMode.COOKIE is used
 + 416314 jetty async client wrong behaviour for HEAD Method + Redirect.
 + 416321 handle failure during blocked committing write
 + 416453 Add comments to embedded SplitFileServer example
 + 416477 Improved consumeAll error handling
 + 416568 Simplified servlet exception logging
 + 416577 enhanced shutdown handler to send shutdown at startup
 + 416585 WebInfConfiguration examines webapp classloader first instead of its
   parent when looking for container jars
 + 416597 Allow classes and jars on the webappcontext extraclasspath to be
   scanned for annotations
 + 416663 Content-length set by resourcehandler
 + 416674 run all jetty-ant tests on random ports
 + 416679 Change warning to debug if no transaction manager present
 + 416787 StringIndexOutOfBounds with a pathMap of ""
 + 416940 avoid download of spring-beans.dtd
 + 416990 JMX names statically unique
 + 417110 Demo / html body end tag missing in authfail.html
 + 417225 added Container.addEventListener method
 + 417260 Protected targets matched as true URI path segments
 + 417289 SPDY replace use of direct buffers with indirect buffers or make it
 + 417475 Do not null context Trie during dynamic deploy
 + 417574 Setting options with _JAVA_OPTIONS breaks run-forked with
 + 417831 Remove from distro/resources
 + 418014 Handle NTFS canonical exceptions during alias check
 + 418212 org.eclipse.jetty.spdy.server.http.SSLExternalServerTest hangs
 + 418227 Null cookie value test

jesse mcconnell

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