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[jetty-users] Testing with JNDI

I want to run some JUnit tests that involve a JNDI Resource. This Resource is setup with server scope as the server starts in my test. However, I can't create a webapp-like context for Jetty to setup the JNDI subcontexts like java:comp/env. Is that only done when using a WebappContext? Are there other Context classes that can be used for testing to achieve this?

I can't use WebappContext because my war is not created in the testing phase and I also would rather not have test web.xml and jetty-xml descriptors, etc.

For now, I put into my tests an explicit Resource at the java:comp/env context but it I would like to be able to test with code as close to the production as possible and avoid painful tests down the road.

Anyone have suggestions?

Benjamin Zuill-Smith

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