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[jetty-users] Client Thread problem - Jetty Client 8.1.7

I am using Jetty Client 8.1.7. I have a case where the hardware load balancer closes the connection in a way that my listener gets to onConnectiotnFailed with IOException. I then try to re-send the same as part as an internal retry mechanism.


Before I resend (using the same exchange object), I call reset() on the exchange.


For some reason I get the following error:


java.lang.IllegalStateException: WAITING => START

                at org.eclipse.jetty.client.HttpExchange.setStatus(

                at org.eclipse.jetty.client.HttpExchange.reset(



1.       Any ideas why the jetty client thread is still in waiting state?

2.       And ideas why it can’t change from waiting to started?

3.       I think maybe calling cancel() instead of reset(). Would that do the trick?





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