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[jetty-users] Last-Modified header is no longer added to response in ResourceHandler in 9.0.5


Our application use Jetty to handle resource requests with ResourceHandler. And we rely on "Last-Modified" header for some internal purposes on client side. Earlier we used Jetty 9.0.3 and everything was fine: "Last-Modified" was always attached to the response.
However, when we migrated to 9.0.5 due to another Jetty bug ( we noticed that out client no longer works. Investigation revealed that "Last-Modified" header are no longer attached to resource response and there is no way to override that.

This is 9.0.3.v20130506 code snippet from ResourceHandler.handle() method:

433    doResponseHeaders(response,resource,mime!=null?mime.toString():null);
434    response.setDateHeader(HttpHeader.LAST_MODIFIED.asString(),last_modified);
435    if (_etags)
436        baseRequest.getResponse().getHttpFields().put(HttpHeader.ETAG,etag);

And this is from 9.0.5.v20130815:

487    doResponseHeaders(response,resource,mime!=null?mime.toString():null);
488    if (_etags)
489        baseRequest.getResponse().getHttpFields().put(HttpHeader.ETAG,etag);

 As you can see, the string adding "Last Modified" header was simply removed. 

The qusetion is: was it done intentionally or is it a bug?


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