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[jetty-users] Streaming options in the WebSocket API


I'm trying to understand the options for streaming in the Jetty
WebSocket API in comparison to the JSR implementation.

@OnWebSocketMessage lists Reader/InputStream that appear to be passed
in when frames begin to arrive (in the jetty-9.1 branch at least) i.e.
not waiting to the last frame. The JSR implementation however
aggregates the whole message. Is that difference because the JSR
expects it that way?

The JSR also supports partial messages while the Jetty API does that
only for the sending side. Is this intentional? It could be just a
matter of exposing it since the underlying support is there.
Reader/InputStream, when passed immediately, do allow streaming
without buffering the full message in memory. However it would block
eventually if the server is reading faster than the client is writing.
Partial messages on the other hand it seems are intended to be a
non-blocking option.

I would also appreciate some comments on using the Jetty API vs the
JSR API now that both are available. Obviously one is an official
standard but beyond that are there any other considerations to keep in


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