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[jetty-users] Managing Sessions


I am very new to the client-server-architecture and to jetty. So I have some basic questions.

I am using embedded jetty. I managed to write a server, that gets one string, the string is processed by a java application, and then the server responses with an xml-String. It works fine for now: I run a simple test with curl and I get the response, that I want. But I am not sure, if it will work with many users accessing my server at one time.

I just have two classes: one class starts the server, another class extends AbstractHandler and implements the method handle, which gives the response. I don't use any of the sessions-Class and their methods. Do I have to add some configuration of the sessions or else I will get problems? As far I know, now in my current programm without session managing there will be created one session for every request. Am I correct?

Thanks for help!


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