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[jetty-users] Released: Jetty 9.0.0.RC2

The Eclipse Jetty Project team is proud to announce the latest Release Candidate for the new Jetty 9.

        Jetty 9.0.0.RC2

The Java Web Server with support for SPDY and WebSocket.

Distributions Available at

Java Artifacts Available on Maven Central:


Please File Bugs at

Jetty 9 Features:
  • Java 1.7 Compatible
  • Completely overhauled I/O layer
  • Servlet API 3.0
  • JSP 2.2
  • SPDY/3
  • Jetty WebSocket API (Supporting RFC-6455)
Changelog for Jetty 9.0.0.RC2 (and RC1)

jetty-9.0.0.RC2 - 24 February 2013
 + Fix etc/jetty.xml TimerScheduler typo that is preventing normal startup
 + Fix etc/jetty-https.xml ExcludeCipherSuites typo that prevents SSL startup
 + Fix websocket memory use

jetty-9.0.0.RC1 - 22 February 2013
 + 227244 Remove import of backport-util-concurrent Arrays class
 + 362854 Continuation implementations may deadlock.
 + 376273 Early EOF because of SSL Protocol Error on
 + 381521 allow compress methods to be configured
 + 388103 Add API for tracking down upload progress.
 + 394064 ensure that JarFile instances are closed on JarFileResource.release()
 + 398649 ServletContextListener.contextDestroyed() is not called on
   ContextHandler unregistration
 + 399463 add start.ini documentation for OPTIONS. Remove reference to
 + 399520 Websocket Server Connection needs session idle timeouts
 + 399535 Websocket-client connect should have configurable connect timeout
 + 400014 Http async client DNS performance.
 + 400040 NullPointerException in HttpGenerator.prepareBuffers
 + 400184 SslContextFactory change. Disable hostname verification if trustAll
   is set
 + 400255 Using WebSocket.maxMessageSize results in IllegalArgumentException
 + 400434 Add support for an OutputStream ContentProvider.
 + 400457 Thread context classloader hierarchy not searched when finding
   webapp's java:comp/env
 + 400512 ClientUpgradeRequet.addExtension() should fail if extension is not
 + 400555 HttpProxyEngine: Add http version header in response
 + 400631 Calling flush() on HttpServletResponse.getOutputStream() after last
   byte of body causes EofException.
 + 400734 NPE for redirects with relative location.
 + 400738 ResourceHandler doesn't support range requests
 + 400848 Redirect fails with non-encoded location URIs.
 + 400849 Conversation hangs if non-first request fails when queued.
 + 400859 limit max size of writes from cached content
 + 400864 Added LowResourcesMonitor
 + 401177 Make org.eclipse.jetty.websocket.api.WebSocketAdapter threadsafe
 + 401183 Handle push streams in new method StreamFrameListener.onPush()
   instead of SessionFrameListener.syn()
 + 401211 Remove requirement for jetty-websocket.jar in WEB-INF/lib
 + 401317 Make Safari 5.x websocket support minVersion level error more clear
 + 401382 Prevent parseAvailable from parsing next chunk when previous has not
   been consumed. Handle no content-type in chunked request.
 + 401414 Hostname verification fails.
 + 401427 WebSocket messages sent from onConnect fail to be read by jetty
 + 401474 Performance problem in org.eclipse.jetty.annotation.AnnotationParser
 + 401485 zip file closed exception

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