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[jetty-users] Triggering server shutdown from web app context

I am running a (rails w/ jruby) app in Jetty as a WebAppContext, packaged as a war file. Running jetty in an embedded style: I have a jetty launcher java class that reads my xml configuration and starts up the jetty server, run as a windows service via procrun. 

Anyhoo, I am interested in somehow triggering a shutdown / restart of the entire windows service from the web application layer. There are few layers to get through to get to Jetty, but it is not even clear to me how those others would communicate to Jetty that it is time for the Server running that web app context should shutdown, and perhaps even return some kind of status code so that the launcher class can decide whether it wants to restart it, or shut down altogether.

Thanks for any pointers.

Matt Hauck

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