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[jetty-users] JAX-WS and Jetty 7

Hi all,

I would like to use JAX-WS with Jetty 7. Right now I'm having several difficulties understanding how to do it. I guess that is not possible to do it just with Jetty and that a workaround is needed.

I found out about this web page where an override is performed on the server. The thing is that I'm using Jetty 7 (version 7.1.3) which is already from eclipse and that project seems, although it uses the mortbay in the packages names, to be from the version 7.0.1. I just need to understand what I have to do, what versions should I use, etc. 

Is JAX-WS already supported in version 8? I'm using an application server with 7.1.3 embedded and I would like not to change the Jetty version, but I guess I can go with version 8 with no problems since our next release (although not stable yet) is already using that version.

Can someone please point me out in the right direction?

Thanks in advance,
Best regards,

Rui Vilao

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