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[jetty-users] which version of Glassfish javax.* package used by Jetty 7.4.5?

Hi everyone, does anyone know which version of the glassfish javax sources are being used by Jetty version 7.4.5?

Basically the problem is that we're getting an error stack trace which shows that at some point propagated an error upwards. I want to look at the source of to see how it's handling errors, but the current version of the file ( ) shows nothing much there at line 820. How can I find out which version of glassfish is being used by jetty 7.4.5?

One of the devs on jetty-devs mailing list told me that jetty uses the javax.* sources from the glassfish project.

Can anyone please point me in the right direction? any help would be appreciated, thanks :)


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