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[jetty-users] sslsocketconnector hangs


i use (custom) sslsocketconnector with a Handler for delivering some text content back, nothing special. embedded-jetty 7.16

public class ProxySslSocketConnector extends SslSocketConnector {
    public ProxySslSocketConnector(){
        public void customize(EndPoint endpoint, Request request)
            throws IOException

after loadtesting the server stops to response, some more debugs shows the handshake process suddenly doesnt work anymore:

try with openssl, after CONNECTED nothing happens:

openssl s_client -connect

 ssl-debug on server side:

Allow unsafe renegotiation: false
Allow legacy hello messages: true
Is initial handshake: true
Is secure renegotiation: false
qtp482848780-31 - Acceptor2 ProxySslSocketConnector@, setSoTimeout(200000) called

and nothing happens.

load (cpu, memory normal)

disconnect all clients & retry doesnt bring any changes

just restart the webserver & things work again.

any clue ?


opensuse x64, 11.4, jdk 1.6.0_23-b05, jetty 7.16

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