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[jetty-users] Keep generated source files


sorry for asking it again - but I can't find the solution.

I use jetty-maven-plugin and shell says jetty 8.0.0M2. Webframework is Struts 2.
My goal: when jetty is running, I would like to see the java files
generated from the servletfilters.

Here is my pom configuration:


This lead to a working directory were expected, but all directories are empty.

Somewhere in the web I have read that I should create a jetty-web.xml.
i did, with this content:

<Call name="getServletHandler">
    <Call name="getServlet"><Arg>jsp</Arg>
      <Call name="setInitParameter">
        <Arg><SystemProperty name="app.dir"/>/webapps/compiledJSPs/app</Arg>

Unfortunately this leads to a IllegalArgumentException when calling
setInitParameter. I don't know why.

Any help is appreciated. I have an issue with a struts tag and really
would love to see whats generated out of it.

Thanks in advance,

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