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[jetty-users] Hello

In our application , we are using multiple channels for a single users. At the time of Multiple Users Logged-In scenarios, we are trying to publish the information to specific channel like news information. That time we figured out some of the users are not received the information (Inconsistent), But in their client,  queue size is increased. And it size is keep on increasing when ever that particular client receive an information . In this case we are not able to process the information which is available in the queue.

Version Details : 
CometD - 1.0.0rc0
Jetty Server - 6.1.22
Dojo - 1.4.2 
Information sent from Servlet(Sender - Thru Bayeux) to JSP(Receiver - Subscribed using DOJO) . 
Could you please help in resolving the above issue?


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