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[jetty-users] ProxyServlet X-Forwarded-Host header doesn't contain port

I'm using the ProxyServlet and I found that the X-Forwarded-Host header that is added at line 491 only includes the server name information but not the port. The original Host header comes in as "" but the X-Forwarded-Host header goes out as "". This causes a problem because the backend server, a Jetty instance with forwarded=true in the connector, gets incorrect port information from request.getServerPort(). This causes a problem in code that relies on the request information to generate redirects.


Using my own proxy implementation and sending X-Forwarded-Host: I found that the backend Jetty instance properly picked up the forwarded host and port information.


So is there a specific reason why the ProxyServlet doesn't include the port? It seems like an error to drop it, especially if it is non-standard like in my situation.




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