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Re: [jetty-users] New user best practice: getting started w/ spring

Thanks for the reply, and thanks for clarifying versions.

In trying to launch things with spring, I’m using the How-to guide for running Jetty w/ spring from the site you mentioned:

But the jetty-spring.xml on there calls for an instantiation of [org.mortbay.jetty.spring.ContextDeployer] which doesn’t exist as far as I see (at least not in the jetty-spring-7.1.6.v20100715.jar). Also those docs refer to the antiquated spring 1.5.x, I’m using 3.

I guess the docs are just old maybe? I do see a spring jar with the codhaus distribution, but no idea how to use it, or even if it’s been maintained. Has anyone else started jetty under spring using the jetty-spring start mechanism?  Should I abandon trying to use the built in start methods for this and just launch jetty as a pojo under a spring java app? 

Sorry if I’m thick headed here, just trying to understand the 'typical' approach for a normal jetty web app w/ Spring 3.


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Jetty 7 is definitely considered stable. As Jetty 7 (core components) is an Eclipse Foundation project, you should trust the Eclipse designation, while the information on Codehaus site is outdated. For information about Jetty 7 you should refer to the Jetty Eclipse web site at, and the documentation at

As far as the startup process goes, it is documented at, while web application deployment is documented at, so if you already build a WAR file for your project, you should be able to get your application running in no time.

- Michael
On Thu, Oct 21, 2010 at 12:20 AM, David Parks <davidparks21@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Could someone give me a quick rundown of the best practice for starting
Jetty as a standalone app/web server?  I’m migrating an app that uses the
Spring framework.

I was confused with the docs regarding startup, they all seem to refer to
start.config, but in looking at the 7.1.6 build from Codehaus (I guess this
is the right package since it includes some Spring support) all I see is a
start.ini which appears very different.

It seems like using the start.jar is a fine way of doing things (especially
with easy support for kicking off the spring framework), but using it is a
little awkward with regards to where everything should reside, paths, etc.
Should I build my project under the directory structure that the jetty
package creates by default?

How’d you all go about it? Tomcat’s more structured and easier to follow,
but I have a low memory requirement so I thought I’d give Jetty a go here.

Also, the codehaus site and the eclipse site disagree about the status of
Jetty 7, codehaus suggesting it is “Almost Stable”, and eclipse labeling it
“Stable”. What should a new user think? Docs mostly seem to support 6 as
I’ve seen so far.

Thanks for some help pointing the newbie in the right direction out of the
start gate.

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