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Re: [jetty-users] Jetty 7 and JMX Console JConsole help

I have connected susscesfully to remote jetty server with VisualVm. I had difficulties at first because of my firewall. You have to open two ports in it, one for JMX, one for the RMI registry. I was unable to do this via SSH though, because visualVm was not working properly with my socks for whatever reason and tunnels also did not work, because of the stupid persistence of this program to use host other than localhost (It says localhost is already monitored as local) But you should be able to do SSH with Jconsole I think. I any case you need those two ports to be accesible. I see that you service URL only has one port specified. This is wrong. See below the end of my jetty-jmx.xml config, use that and then use the exact service URL produced in startup by jetty! GL!

 <!-- In order to connect to the JMX server remotely from a different
      process, possibly running on a different host, Jetty JMX module
      can create a remote JMX connector. It requires RMI registry to
      be started prior to creating the connector server because the
      JMX specification uses RMI to facilitate connections.

 <!-- Optionally start the RMI registry. Normally RMI registry runs on
      port 1099. The argument below can be changed in order to comply
      with the firewall requirements.

 <Call name="createRegistry" class="java.rmi.registry.LocateRegistry">
   <!-- RMI registry port 1099-->
   <Arg type="java.lang.Integer">1099</Arg>
   <Call name="sleep" class="java.lang.Thread">
      <Arg type="java.lang.Integer">1000</Arg>

<!-- Optionally add a remote JMX connector. The parameters of the constructor
      below specify the JMX service URL, and the object name string for the
connector server bean. The parameters of the JMXServiceURL constructor specify the protocol that clients will use to connect to the remote JMX connector (RMI), the hostname of the server (local hostname), port number (automatically assigned), and the URL path. Note that URL path contains the RMI registry hostname and port number, that may need to be modified
      in order to comply with the firewall requirements.

 <New id="ConnectorServer" class="org.eclipse.jetty.jmx.ConnectorServer">
     <New class="">
       <Arg type="java.lang.String">rmi</Arg>
       <Arg type="java.lang.String">somehost</Arg>
       <!-- JMX port 1799 -->
       <Arg type="java.lang.Integer">1799</Arg>
       <!-- RMI registry port 1099-->
<Arg type="java.lang.String">/jndi/rmi://somehost:1099/jettyjmx</Arg>
   <Call name="start" />

From: "Don Santillan" <donzymeth@xxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Tuesday, August 24, 2010 10:34 AM
To: "JETTY user mailing list" <jetty-users@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [jetty-users] Jetty 7 and JMX Console JConsole help

Changed subject.

Any idea? Anyone?

Don Santillan wrote:

I've been struggling making JMX using JConsole to connect to a remote Jetty 7 server.

I was able to do a successful connection to a local server but not to a remote one.
My Jetty on the remote server comes from a fresh installation.

Can anybody tell me the trick how to make this work?

Here's what I did so far:
1. In start.ini, I uncommented -exec and
2. Running /etc/init.d/jetty start, I can see set from ps aux | grep java. 3. Run JConsole and connect to remote url using the service:jmx:rmi://


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