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[jetty-users] Problema with DefaultServlet

I'm trying to embed Jetty in a Java application but I'm having the following problem.

I create my WebAppContext like this:
WebAppContext webapp = new WebAppContext();

Then I add my servlet twice like this:
ServletHolder jsServletHolder = new ServletHolder(new JSServlet());
webapp.addServlet(jsServletHolder, "*.do");
webapp.addServlet(jsServletHolder, "/");

Then I set the war at the webapp like this:

But when I start my server:

My WebAppContext auto configure itself and register the DefaultServlet to the path "/", so my servlet is never accessed through the root path. It redirects to the welcome files using the DefaultServlet.

I tried with no success setting the welcome files to something that doesn't exist like this:
webapp.setWelcomeFiles(new String[] {"This sure wont exist!"});

Is there some way to override this?
My web application doesn't have a web.xml because everything I need is being setup programmatically.

The resulting URL mapping is showing in the log like this:
          +-ServletHandler@196c1b0 started
             +-[*.jsp, *.jspf, *.jspx, *.xsp, *.JSP, *.JSPF, *.JSPX, *.XSP]=>jsp

My servlet is registered, but Jetty prefer his DefaultServlet, probably because it was registered after mine.

Registering my servlet after starting the server - and configuring the WebAppContext - works, but I don't think that should be the way to do it. Isn't there some other way of doing this?

Vinicius Isola
"Não podemos escolher as consequências, mas podemos escolher nossos atos."

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