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[jetty-users] How to skip test-compile lifecycle phase in Maven Plugin


I am using the maven-jetty-plugin for my selenium integration tests.
Jetty is called in the pre-integration-phase to start the application,
which is then tested via selenium.

In the test-phase, all unit-tests are processed. For this, we need a
small mock application, which is started before the tests are run. For
this, I use Jetty, too.

The problem is, that when the Jetty for the integration-tests start,
it calls the test-compile phase, and this calls the mock of the
unit-test-phase a second time, which leads to a deployment error.

How can I skip the test-compile phase of the second Jetty start. I
just want to call jetty:run.

Thank you for your help,

Timo Meinen

P.S. Which is the correct Mailing-list? This one or the one at codehaus?

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