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[jetty-users] bootstrapping jetty-plus from eclipse equinox: classloader issue and suggested fix

Hi there,

I am having difficulties using org.mortbay.jetty,
org.mortbay.jetty.util, and org.mortbay.naming
together in an osgi container.
the issue is that when I start the jetty server and configure it with
jetty.xml and jetty-plus.xml from the osgi container, equinox fails.

The classloader of the org.mortbay.jetty.server bundle is not able to
locate the jetty-plus classes:
when jetty tries to load
it fails.

The best workaround I am using consists of modifying the manifests of
org.mortbay.jetty.server, and
org.mortbay.naming to resolve this.
I added to org.mortbay.jetty.server:
     Eclipse-BuddyPolicy: registered
And to the manifests of and org.mortbay.naming:
     Eclipse-RegisterBuddy: org.mortbay.jetty.server

We could also consider making org.mortbay.jetty.server, and org.mortbay.naming fragments that target
org.mortbay.jetty.server. A bit more osgi compliant. But not many osgi
container support fragments yet.

Here is a small project to reproduce the issue: (licensed
under the EPL)
The first bundle bootstraps jetty.
The second one is a bundle that contains a web-application.
It works fine because it depends only on jetty, not jetty-plus.
Adding jetty-plus's bundle and using jetty-plus in the config will
reproduce the issue described above.

Let me know if I am missing something or if there is a different way
to install jetty' plus bundles in an osgi container.


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