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[jetty-users] Re: Custom logger for webapp?

I was still hoping someone may have an answer for this one.

Either way, there is one code update you may want to make.

In the etc/jetty.xml file it says:
    <!-- =========================================================== -->
    <!-- Configure Request Log                                       -->
    <!-- Request logs  may be configured for the entire server here, -->
    <!-- or they can be configured for a specific web app in a       -->
    <!-- contexts configuration (see $(jetty.home)/contexts/test.xml -->
    <!-- for an example).                                            -->
    <!-- =========================================================== -->

However there is no such example in contexts/test.xml.

I looked in source control in the Eclipse svn and it looks like this discrepancy has existed since the code was initially checked in.


I'm trying to set up a webapp with its own custom logger in 7.0 per  
the instructions at 
  (which are for an earlier release), but it appears that the API has  
changed. I get an error in the logs regarding the lack of an  
addHandler method (which I've confirmed in the javadocs).

What is the correct way to configure this under 7.0?

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