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[jetty-users] jetty:run-exploded with war dependency

Hello All:
     I'm hoping someone may be able to help me out with the following use case:  I have a war project with a dependency on a released version of another war that is available via our shared nexus instance. To cut to the chase, I am wondering how to get the jetty:run type of behaviour with the jetty:run-exploded goal.  I have read through the docs and viewed some JIRAs that seem related but don't quite fit my exact situation and I just can't figure out how I should proceed.

Since the released war dependency must be run exploded for reasons out of my control, I am wondering how to accomplish the following with the jetty:run-exploded goal:

1) Configure the plugin to use the web.xml that is present in the dependency while also using the project's web.xml config.
2) Configure the plugin to use the projects src/main/webapp directory as the webroot so that static changes can be picked up w/out restarting.
3) Having number 2 above worked out, configure the plugin to pick up changes to target/classes as well.

Thanks in advance to anyone who may be able to offer hints, solutions and/or suggestions!

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