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[jetty-users] Urgent: Problems with Maven Jetty Plugin

Dear all, 

Since last week I was happily running my project using the Maven Jetty
Plugin. I had the following configuration:




							<!-- configure the
container                 -->

							<!-- configure the




Everything was working brilliantly. I launched mvn jetty:run -P jetty-test
and Jetty started on port 8787 with the application context fido-web.
Yesterday I re-launched the application and I saw Maven downloading loads of
org.eclipse.jetty.* stuff, especially for version 7.0.0.M4. Since then the
Maven Jetty Plugin doesn't work any more. Please note that even if I
indicate version 6.1.10 (the stable one) when running Jetty it still
downloads version 7.0.0.M4. 

I guess that the default maven-jetty-plugin on the repository redirects to
the new Jetty 7 hosted at Eclipse. The problem is that when running the
plugin the following don't work anymore: 

1) The context is not recognised
2) The port is not recognised
3) The Security realm is not recognised

I have also tried to run the instructions at the following page:
(followed the suggestions, which indicated to use version 7.0.0.M1) but I
couldn't find that version on the repository. 

I'm documenting my MSc project (where I'm using the Maven Jetty Plugin) and
I would need to get Jetty up and running pronto. Could someone who has
fiddled with the new version of the Maven Jetty Plugin tell me how to
configure it so that it works? Alternatively, could you tell me how to force
Maven to use the stable version 6.1.10? 

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