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[jetty-dev] URLs with IDN domains in jetty-client doesn't work

Hi, folks.

I've found that jetty-client (9.3.11 and 9.3.14 at least) fails to work with international domain names if they are not encoded to punycode.

The code like `HttpClient.newRequest("http://кто.рф").send()` will fail with NPE thrown from `send` invocation because `newRequest(String)` use `j.n.URI.create(String)` which returns URI with `null` in its host.

I think, it would be better to add some note to `newRequest`'s javadoc about such behavior and create more meaningfull exception which should be thrown from `newRequest` and not from `send` which can be called several hundred lines later.

Do you accept pull requests at github, I forgot?

Best regards,
Konstantin Gribov

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