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[jetty-dev] Jetty 9.4.0.RC2 Released


The Jetty team has recently released what we hope is the final Release Candidate for Jetty 9.4! All users who anticipate upgrading to 9.4 are encouraged to test this release. The final release version of Jetty 9.4.0 is scheduled to go live next week.

Jetty 9.4.0.RC2

Changes for this release include the following:

jetty-9.4.0.RC2 - 16 November 2016
 + 240 Missing content for multipart request after upgrade to Jetty > 9.2.7
 + 586 Thread pools and connectors
 + 644 Modules for enabling logging
 + 905 Jetty terminates SSL connections too early with Connection: close
 + 907 Update to support apache jasper 8.5.5
 + 1020 Java Util Logging properties in wrong location
 + 1023 Error on configuring slf4j-simple-impl module
 + 1029 Restore Request.setHttpVersion()
 + 1031 Improve HttpField pre-encoding
 + 1032 Remove jetty dependencies in jetty jasper classes
 + 1037 Don't execute AsyncListener.onTimeout events in spare Scheduler-Thread
 + 1038 AttributeNormalizer does not favor ${WAR} over other attributes, like
 + 1039 AttributeNormalizer should not track attributes that are null
 + 1045 Abort HttpChannel onCompletion if wrong content length set
 + 1046 Improve HTTP2Flusher error report 
 + 1050 Add multiple FilterHolder to a ServletContextHandler may cause problems
 + 1054 Using WebSocketPingPongListener with empty PING payload results in NullPointerException
 + 1057 Improve WebSocketUpgradeFilter fast path performance
 + 1062 Jetty allows requests to hang under PUT load
 + 1063 HostPortHttpField should handle port-only values
 + 1064 HttpClient sets chunked transfer-encoding
 + 1065 Response.setBufferSize checks for written content.
 + 1066 Content-Length: 0 set when not required.
 + 1067 Ensure if session scavenging is disabled, no candidate expired sessions accumulate
 + 1069 Host header should be sent with HTTP/1.0
 + 1070 Refactor calculation for session expiry
 + 1071 Ensure dirty flag set on a new session
 + 1072 InetAccessHandler needs InetAddress & Path based restrictions like IPAccessHandler did
 + 1074 Improve HttpInput for non dispatched calls
 + 1075 If read from session data cache fails, fallback to session data store
 + 1076 bad error handling in
 + 1077 doHandle defined twice for ScopedHandler
 + 1078 DigestAuthentication should use realm from server, even if unknown in advance
 + 1081 DigestAuthenticator does not check the realm sent by the client
 + 1091 Update to gcloud datastore 0.5.1
 + 1098 MimeTypes.getCharsetFromContentType() unable parse "application/pdf;;; charset=UTF-8"
 + 1099 PushCacheFilter pushes POST requests
 + 1103 AbstractNCSARequestLog reports too much of the Request URI
 + 480764 Suppress stacks in multipart filter tests

This release is available to download from the Maven Central repository:

Documentation for these releases can be found on the Eclipse Jetty project site:

If you find any issues with this release, or if you want to suggest future enhancements, please file an issue on the Jetty GitHub page:

Commercial production and development support for Jetty are offered through Webtide ( Please contact us for more information or email jesse@xxxxxxxxxxx to learn more.

Best Regards,

The Jetty Development Team

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