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[jetty-dev] Jetty WTP Adaptor

I am wondering if there is any value in keeping the WTP adaptor around
or not anymore.  It was contributed a while back I went through the
process of getting it setup @ eclipse and released periodically with
updates....but I see a handful of issues coming in on it now and then
but no one seems to show much interest in keeping it going,
contributing to it or keeping it going.  Personally I find eclipse
plugins obscure beasts to work with at the best of times and given how
trivial it is to generally write a small embedded jetty main
method....I have a hard time rationalizing keeping it around in its
somewhat broken form (old websocket wizard which hasn't been updated
and the handful of other issues in bugzilla.

So is there anyone out that there is living or dying by this plugin or
that would be sad to see it go?  I have little personal interest in
keeping it moving but that is not to say that others can't pick it up
and run with it.  I remain willing to apply patches to it and push out
updated builds from time to time...if there are people willing to do
the work on it.  I would even have it wired it into gerrit if the
interest was there...

any takers?


jesse mcconnell

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