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[jetty-dev] Jetty WTP Adaptor

Thanks to the contribution from Angelo Zerr we have a wtp jetty
adaptor that is now in our SVN and approaching an initial release..

I have it building on hudson now and its using tycho quite
successfully, very nice how that is shaping up.

Anyway, I have mail out to emo to make sure we follow process
correctly on releasing this tooling correctly IP wise...I don't forsee
any issues so I am hoping for an initial cut of this plugin next week

We'll be leveraging the same setup that Hugues has been preparing with
the jetty osgi bundles themselves (which I'll prod him to explain
further when the time comes), a composite p2 repository that we can
link to specific releases as we churn out iterations of the plugin,
its a bit of a different process then we are used to for typical maven
releases but I am coming around to its usefulness...if we can make
this process work with the WTP plugin then I'll be quite happy.

Once we have the whole eclipse release process for this tooling
cleared I'll cut an initial release and write up a bit longer email on
all this to the dev and users lists but I wanted to send out a heads
up this was coming soon here to keep folks apprised.


jesse mcconnell

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