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[jetty-dev] Option for Setting Context Params in Deployer Descriptors

I had asked on the user's list regarding the possibility of setting Servlet context parameters within the a deployment descriptor. I didn't receive an answer so I went looking at the code and it seems like this is not possible. At least, I didn't see anything in the WebAppContext class or its super types. The closest thing appeared to be the ability to specify a special web.xml file that would be merged with the one in the WAR.

A lot of web apps use context parameters to specify things that would change per-deployment (e.g., configuration files). Having to break open a WAR file (assuming its zipped up) to change such information is annoying (and honestly beyond the means of some novice deployers).

So, my suggestion is to allow people to specify Servlet context params within a context deployment descriptor.

What do people think?

Chad La Joie
trusted identities, delivered

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