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[jetty-dev] WTP Plugin

So we have the WTP plugin out now and I am interested in where it might go now..

that issue brings up an important one related to versioning and the
appearance (and runtimes) for the jetty being using under the covers
with the plugin.  Currently the version of jetty is set in the
plugin.xml as a wtp runtime.  The download link is hard coded in there
and this is the bit that backs the button in the New Server wizard
once you select a runtime.  Jetty7 and Jetty8 are supported but the
code and the verbage in the ui elements refer to jetty 70 and jetty 80
which is not particularly accurate atm.  We are up to 7.2 now and the
plugin is currently pointing at 7.2.1 as the jetty7 runtime.

Now the runtimes are a bit of an odd thing to me, I had opened with the thinking
that we would just have a downdown box that let you select the version
of jetty 7 you wanted to use for the jetty7 runtime but it doesn't
seem to be that straight the top of my head it looks
like we would have to define a runtime in the plugin.xml for each
jetty version we wanted to support in the plugin which seems a little
on the annoying side.


We could have the link instead draw from the stable-7 URL in there and
that would then back the version for the jetty7 runtime url.  The side
effect there is that the actual version of jetty being used for that
runtime was context dependent....all depending on what happened to be
marked stable when the user ended up installing the plugin or runtime
and gives the user no facility to test out their webapp on different
versions of jetty.

another option would be to look further into the runtimes and see if
we can have a jetty7 generic runtime that has that facility to
download a specific version of jetty under 7

Anyway, I leave that up for some discussion if anyone has some fun
ideas for it there.

other then that I think I'll be going through and starting to work on
cleaning up some of the code in a few places....nothing too exciting
for the time being but if there are features people are interested in
I encourage folks to open issues in bugzilla under the jetty project
with the 'wtp' component.


jesse mcconnell

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