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[jetty-dev] 7.2.2 and some other questions

how are folks feeling about pulling a 7.2.2 release soon?

Also, a while back I added in a source distribution and a generated
version of the javadocs that could go into the binary distribution...A
side effect of this is the release process takes astronomically longer
to run because of some issues in the javadoc plugin.  Do you all see
value in keeping this in the distribution or could we go back to the
previous approach of proxying to the published documentation?

Lastly, I am thinking about not bothering with .bz2 formats in our
binary distributions...would it break anyones hearts to do away with
it?  I get a little fearful of shoving TOO much stuff into maven
central and that and dropping the source distro (who uses those
anymore).  I am thinking this would be fine because I am not aware of
anyone asking us for source distro's or the javadoc in the distro
while it was missing.  Source wise we have great tooling that puts the
source with the artifact, the javadoc with the artifact and anyone
that needs to build jetty can just pull from SVN like the rest of the
known universe since a source bundle at the distribution lvl is
effectly just an svn export anyway.



jesse mcconnell

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