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[jetty-dev] 7.1.6-SNAPSHOT


It appears that 7.1.5 introduced several regressions, most
significantly the server does not enforce idletimeouts.

since trunk is now 7.2 dev (with some API breaks), I have created a 7.1 branch:


and am preparing a 7.1.6 release with

 + 319519 Warn about duplicate configuration files
 + 319655 Reset HEAD status
 + JETTY-1247 synchronize recylcing of SSL NIO buffers
 + JETTY-1248 fix parsing of bad multiparts
 + JETTY-1249 Apply max idle time to all connectors
 + JETTY-1251 Replace then close selector for JVM bugs

Testing of the branch would be really appreciated - as would any other
high priority fixes.


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