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[jetty-dev] jetty 8.0.0.M1

The second milestone release of jetty-8 is available for
download. jetty-8 supports servlet specification 3.0.

jetty-8.0.0.M1 @ eclipse changes since 8.0.0.M0:
 + 306350 Ensure jars excluded by ordering are not scanned
   for annotations
 + JETTY-1224 Change jetty-8 merge rules for fragment descriptors
   and annotations
 + Ensure <absolute-ordering> in web.xml overrides relative
   <ordering> in fragments
 + Ensure empty <absolute-ordering> implies exclusion of all fragments
 + Ensure servlet-api jar class inheritance hierarchy is scanned

We also provide jetty-hightide-8.0.0.M1 distribution which provides
javaee style services integrated with jetty-8.0.0.M1, including
JSP 2.2. The distribution comes with some example webapps
demonstrating some of the new features of servlet 3.0.

jetty-hightide-8.0.0.M1 changes since 8.0.0.M0:
 + Updated to jetty core 8.0.0.M1
 + Add jetty-util.jar to test-annotation-webapp
 + Add ContainerInitializerConfiguration to jetty.xml
 + Update to derby
 + Simplify test-jndi-webapp

Jan Bartel, Webtide LLC | janb@xxxxxxxxxxx |

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